Welcome, Earthlings.
If you’re curious as to why you’re here right now: I have few answers.

1) We are partially insignificant and menial beings on a space rock hurtling through space.

2) We are conditioned to believe we (homiosapiens) are the “superior” race due to our surface level intelligence and strength.

3) We are destroying everything natural and good on this planet at an alarming rate.

4) It’s our civil duty and responsibility to remember the environments vital role in our lives daily.

Welcome to my blog.

Here, I urge you to strap yourself in for the rollercoaster ride, but stay calm, because I’m just here for an honest conversation. The world is a hectic place and we need to remain resilient despite the ill circumstances. But we still need to know what’s going on, even when it’s stressful news to deal with. The key is to remain calm so we can tackle this like real level headed adults.

Hell, grab some tea, even. It’s time to take a journey through the last sixty or so years of climate change and the evolution of environmentalism. It’s imperative to remain objective on this journey, remembering why we started reading in the first place.

If you love Mother Nature, spent your childhood building mud castles and exploring the woods, or didn’t see your first real forest until you were 20… You are welcome and invited to ponder theses questions of our future. So, here’s a question:

When you’re young and the world is too broad to understand, it’s presented to you in terms of natural textures, animals, and sights. Why do we stray from those conventions in adulthood?

Perhaps its worth a thought that the rhetoric of being plain old kind we’re taught as kinds might actually hold some merit. The first them towards a healthier future might just be the jointing of humans despite our differences to collectively be kind to Earth for once. I have that much faith in humanity, at least.

And in all, I’m not sure exactly what power my words have, what impact, but I shall always project my most closely held values the loudest. So this is that, and here I am bellowing as loud as I can into the void. Here we all are, in this vast expanse, scared little creatures killing the natural mechanisms meant to save us. And who but us is there to save ourselves?

Growing up surrounded by natural wildlife reserves, vast forests, and local farms- I took the beauty of it all for granted. As I grew older, I grew angsty in the nothingness of the tall trees and fields of thick grass. It took a loss and revival of my soul to rediscover my love and deep appreciation for the woods. And now, I can drive by a mountain peak I’ve seen a thousand times and cry from its breathtaking beauty. I’m so very thankful to have woken up, and I’ll never stop crediting literature for doing this for me.

So this is the safe place for endangered nature and unpopular opinions alike to bloom.

The essays that follow are a collection of thoughts processed through the lenses of the books we’ve read in class. I am positively certain there are room for them to expand, as well. Each work of art has the potential to grow. In terms of growth, we’ve all grown exponentially in our fifteen weeks of our time together so far. Individuals who passively entered the class are creating finals of active doings. The conversations surrounding the latter works were more passionate, in depth, and focused on deeper meaning.

One of those deeper discussions led to the remembrance that humans have assumed our role as the top of the animal chain. As mammals, a fellow animal, we are no more important or valuable than any other animal- and it’s time we start acting on that. We already have witnessed what happens when we kill off too much of one species- another goes rampant and overpopulates the environment, throwing it out of homeostasis. For a brighter future (or any future at this point) we must actively and consciously begin to conserve smarter and remember the impact we’re making.

We’re creatures who have systematically worked, generation by generation, to detonate nuclear bombs of disappointment on the environment. In our power of being aware we have the ability to erode the ground on which the backwards, oil thirsty politicians stand. We can be the change we need in the world.

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